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If you are unsure if this cover is for your seat, email a picture of your seat to We will gladly identify your seat and tell you which cover you need, price, and availability. These covers are for an older generation of seats. We do not keep them in stock, we will have to make them to order. Please allow up to 30 days (Due to a surge in demand) for order to process before shipping This is a No Refund/No Return - Non-Stocking Item

Product Description

These Covers fit the 2nd & 3rd generation of VS Halo Seats 2016-Current, as well as the Tight Clearance Halo Seats, 10º or 20º. Pictues above are seats this cover fits.

Other Models of seats this cover fits 2016-2018 World of Outlaw, LVS, VSX, LSX Seats.

Available in Black, Red, or Blue (Colors other than Black are Build-to-Order)

In 2016 the seat was changed to use peel & stick foam that the end user installed, halo covers were dropped, but the rest of the cover remained the same.

In 2019 the seat was change to a 2-pc seat with Bolt-on head support, the cover did not change, but part number changed to match the seat.

These covers fir the Standard height and 1" Tall Seats.  If you have the 1" short seats, please call to order.

Halo Foam, Covers for the Halo Foam and new Seat snaps are not included but can be added above.

Part Number Guide. (2016-2018) / (2019-Current) Part Numbers are different but product is identical.

14" - 174101 / VS1411 Full Black

15" - 175101 / VS1511 Full Black

16" - 176101 / VS1611 Full Black 

17" - 177101 / VS1711 Full Black

18" - 178101 / VS1811 Full Black

14" - 174111 - Modular Black

15" - 175111 - Modular Black

16" - 176111 - Modular Black

17" - 177111 - Modular Black

18" - 178111 - Modular Black

All covers for Out-of-production style seats are sold as a non-returnable item, please double check you are ordering the correct size and style.

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