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Halo Covers for Ultra Shield Full Containment Seats

Includes 4 Snaps & Rivets for Installation - Requires Drilling 4 - 1/8" holes and installing 4 rivets. ( Red Arrows in Photos)

Available in Black, Red, Blue, Gray, or Purple.

Circle Track Avaialble with the Right side 1" thicker with foam to slip over existing foam.  Brings Halo Foam/cover 1" closer to the right side of the helment.

Circle Track (Long Right/Short Left) Fits: 2016-2018 Model

EFC, VS Halo, World Of Outlaw, LVS Halo, Lightweight Halo, VSX/LSX Halo, Late Model Halo, Late Model VSX/LSX Halo

Circle Track (Long Right/Short Left) Fits: 2019 - 2021

EFC Halo, VS Halo, TC Halo, Outlaw, TC Outlaw, (Comes with the Outlaw, TC Outlaw or LateModel Seats, these are only needed to replace lost or damaged covers)

Circle Track (Long Right/Short Left) Fits: 2021 Models

FC1, EFC, VS, TC Halo Seats

Road Race (Equal Lenght Right & Left) Fits: 2016-2018 Model

Rally Sport Halo, Road Race Halo, Lightweight Road Race Halo, VSX/LSX Road Race Halo

Road Race (Equal Lenght Right & Left) Fits: 2019 Model As Replacement for Damamged or Lost Covers, comes with the following seats:

Spec Miata Halo, Road Race Halo.

Road Race and Spec Halo Seats for 2020-current have a different style cover, call customer service if you need a replacement.

The Halo Covers are not compatible with the following seats:

FC2; Lat Model Halo, TC1(2022), Pro Series Sprint, TC2, TCX, SFI 39.2, 2020 & Later Road Race Halo or Spec Halo Seats.

Will not fit anything manufactured before 2016.

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