Fall Promo: free shipping on orders of $99 or more with PROMO CODE FALL2021 

Fall Promo: free shipping on orders of $99 or more with PROMO CODE FALL2021

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Due to a large volume of seats on order, please allow 14-16 weeks before seat ships. Call us and we may can locate through one of our dealers.

Product Description

New for 2020 - UPDATE 01/13/2020 All TCX Halo Seats will have a 1-piece cover around the head and halos, instead of the 3 piece pictures in the phots.  One closeup of the head and halo area added.

TCX Halo Seat is out new Tight Clearance Seat with eXtra reinforcement to make it stronger.

From the TC Halo to the TCX You get more strength in the shoulders & hips with 6061 Round bar shoulder to head connectors, C-Channel Stiffeners in the Shoulders and Hips, Extra 45º Plate in the sides of the bottom of the seat.

As well the Head foam comes standard with the cloth covers.

TC (Tight Clearance) Halo Seat

<!--StartFragment-->Professional Series Sprint Seat

• Designed for cars & chassis with tight clearances in seating area.

• Constructed from .100" Grade 5052 Aluminum

• Available in 10º or 20º Layback

• 15” Deep Bottom, Micro Sprint Option - shortens bottom by 1” (14” deep bottom) for better clearance of engine and transmission on Micro Sprints.

• Sizes 14-18 in 1/2" increments

•Standard 25" Shoulder Belt Height, Right Rib 18" Left Rib 17"

•1" Tall available at same price as standard seat.

•Tall = Shoulder Belt Openings at 26" Right Rib 18", Left Rib 17" (head and shoulder support moved up with belt hole)

•Short = Shoulder Belt Openings at 24" Right and Left Rib at 17" (Double Low) (head and shoulder support lowered with belt holes)

•Full Covers in 5 colors, add a stripe for $30 more

•Powder Coat your seat for $100, Semi-Glass Black, Flat Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Neon Green, Orange, Pink, Purple. Helps prevent the oxidation of the aluminum and makes the seat easier to clean off after each race.


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